Reconnect to Nature to Reconnect to Self

All offerings are tailored to a vision we intentionally co-create together. Offerings are designed to be deep dives, anchored in ancient wisdom and nature based rituals, with the intention of providing you with the roots and inspiration to creatively take ownership over your exploration long beyond our shared time together.

My main offering is non-entheogen based re-wilding experiences, exploring with plant allies such as Rose, Cacao, Rosemary, Rue, Calendula Borage, Dandelion and more. These experiences take the form of 1:1 online journeys to in 1:1 in person immersions as well as group workshops and retreats. 

We choose the plant that supports your unique personal evolution to activate your expansion, clarity and ease on your life journey. These are deep dive spaces that support you to commune with nature, distill and interpret the messages relevant to your path. 

This is a transformative experience based in ancient wisdom. I have spent many years studying with teachers and healers and with their blessings and guidance, have woven in western herbalism with traditional “shamanic” practices to create a container that pushes you to transcend your ways of thinking and being, ultimately expanding your consciousness and moving out of the ego. This supports the clearing of stuck energies or deep rooted, sometimes ancestral traumas. In this way you can move in new, different, and liberating ways through life. 

In a safe and loving container, we root you into the wisdom of the earth so that you can safely soar into the cosmic realms and anchor your visions into your unique journey here and now. You can expect nature based rituals, connecting to plant consciousness, embodiment practices, medicine making, guided sense making and so much more!

All offerings weave in my many years studying and working with master plants, Andean and Amazonian healing traditions, yoga, reiki, folk herbalism, land based ritual, permaculture design for the soul, and ways of the wild woman.

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Ongoing Online Offerings:

Flower in Relation To Self

A 1:1 journey, consisting of a Flower & Plant Immersion with four different plant allies all from the comfort of your own home. Flower in relationship to self is a deep dive into softening and expanding within yourself, activating your true nature and your truest essence, so that you open into a deeper and more loving relationship with yourself and ultimately move through the world with grace, ease, and grounded presence. We will drop into different facets of self-exploration guided with flowers and plants to unlock the unique messages each flower or herbal ally holds for you. 

Rose Dieta & Rose Path Journey:

A 1:1 plant spirit medicine journey with the spirit of Rose, offered virtually. An 8 week rose dieta (plant spirit immersion) & rose path initiation journey of plant spirit connection designed for deep heart opening, expanding in self-love and rooting with the cycles of the divine feminine. Guided by the messages and medicine of Rose into heart opening and joy filled living.