We offer a range of resources including Ebooks, self-paced tutorials, and workshops. Workshops are group and private and can be booked online and in person (location dependent). We do travel for events. Offerings are on a range of fermentation topics and for varying levels of fermentation enthusiasts. Visit the Fermentation Station to see the latest offerings

The pillars of all fermentation offerings are:

Everyday thriving: Many offerings incorporate plant allies, or healing herbs, into the recipes for a different taste and vibrant ferment. We encourage you to explore how you can use fermentation for optimal health and well-being.

Ancient Wisdom: We touch on the ancient wisdom and lessons we can learn about the ferment of focus. Fermentation is ancient wisdom for modern sovereignty and we encourage your creativity in the workshops. We give you the base knowledge to apply what you learn anytime, using local ingredients and flavor combinations.

Mind-Gut Connection: We give you the basics of the brain-gut axis and how fermentation can contribute to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Take ownership over your own healing and wellbeing from the mind to the gut, and everything in between.

Local and Community Based: Be an advocate for skills supporting local, sustainable food systems and community based values.

Tune into Transformation: Slow down and engage with the magic of transformation offered through the process of fermentation. 

Visit the Blog and our YouTube for additional DIY resources, recipe shares and stories about fermentation.