Yarrow slow botanical products are in stock during various times of the year and only available in the US. Product launches and updates are listed here and announced in the newsletter.

Product Philosophy: Support Us to Support Others…

like our local communities of people and plants! Herbs in our collections are sourced in alignment with our values of local, sustainable, and community building actions in a combination of ways: personally cultivated, responsibly wild crafted, purchased from local herb growers, and supplied by a nearby herbal wholesaler who resonates with our principles. We incorporate seasonal herbs and mix these with others that have been picked at the height of their season and stored for use when their medicine is called upon. Our goal is to continually move closer to sourcing all ingredients through wild crafting and growing our own medicine. Community building is important for us so we will always source a portion of ingredients, such as oils and beeswax from local, sustainable producers. The medicine is in the making. The deepening is in the connection to the power of plants.

Botanical Rituals ~ Your Herbal Products are a Gateway for Connection

All herbal goodness is crafted with the intention of connecting to the healing of plants and to your inner self. Find a moment to connect and make a ritual of your self-care, if even just to take a few deep breaths while using your product. With each product we provide a suggested activity of self-love, self-reflection and nourishment to accompany your product.

YRI Collections

Nourish: Herbs from this collection are sourced locally or wildcrafting in the hills of Southern California

The store is currently not stocked until the next California visit!