This is a journey of initiation onto the Rose Path, the Path of the Heart. Rose, a symbol of divine femininity, is a sweet, soft and sensual beauty, yet one that stands strong in her power. She invokes a wild feminine essence and awakens innate creativity. A journey with rose is one of flowering in relationship to self. As an herb rose is astringent (drying) yet, when used with discernment, divinely heart opening. She knows the potency of her medicine and uses it wisely.

Over 8 weeks we will work a rose dieta, based on the South American tradition of healing with intensive plant diets. The dieta is a physical and spiritual practice designed to purify and strengthen your connection to the essence of rose. We will simultaneously move through the feminine archetypes associated with each phase of the rose so you can step into full embodiment, deepening into self-understanding and self-love. Ultimately this will allow you to bring the frequency of empowered self-love out into the world, moving in a sensual and heart forward way. You will leave with a toolkit of skills and practices to use whenever you need to invoke the spirit of rose.

How it Works

Part 1: Dieta

The dieta part of the experience includes specific daily work with rose in two main forms for cultivating a deep physical and spiritual connection, opening channels of perception and communing with the divine spirit within self and the plant. Information for the daily preparations will be covered when we begin. Each week builds in additional physical (internal/external applications) and spiritual modalities. The dieta is designed to go deep yet work easily into your normal life. Once you open the relationship with rose, she will be working with you in subtle ways, each moment, the whole 6 weeks and beyond.  

This dieta is based on personal experience with traditional plant dietas (diets). Dieta is work with both the physical plant constituents and its spirit for mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual guidance and cleansing. It can be used for deep visioning and expansion.

This work is best done with a powerful intention to stay strong and focused throughout the journey. Rose medicine is soft, subtle and sensual so tuning in is very important to understand and really feel the work you are in. Dieta with rose tunes your mind-body-soul connection to the frequency of love.

Part 2: The Archetypal Journey

The archetypal journey works with embodying a different phase of the rose, from bud through barren rose along with the feminine archetype associated with each phase.

We will pull in concepts of the inner seasons and womb activation (based on the wombxn’s moon cycle) as well. This part includes weekly information and suggestions for embodying each phase, including journaling and various practices incorporating modalities of mindfulness, meditation, and medicine making.


Opening Cacao & Rose Ceremony to initiate the journey and review logistics

Dieta: Daily physical and spiritual practice with rose plus additional weekly dieta rituals (physical or internal applications of rose). This part is done on your own time but with support and preparation instructions after the initial explanation.

Thematic Recordings: Theory and practice of the rose phase and feminine archetype

Thematic Meditations: guided visual meditations related to the current theme

Weekly Embodiment practices including medicine making, sensual indulgence recipes and journaling

1:1 calls for Sharing, Reflection, Guidance and Accountability

Closing Cacao & Rose Ceremony marking initiation onto the Rose Path


All calls will be on zoom and will be recorded

Information will be sent via email and will be uploaded to a private online portal

Materials will be needed to participate fully in the dieta

I can’t wait to walk the Rose Path with you, lovely soul.