Plant Speak: Wisdom from nature and the plants, whispered to me, spoken in the elements and translated from my heart to yours into human speak.

Root to Rise

Root down root down my love

Because your soul is about to soar

To bloom

Like a thousand tiny wild flowers

Exploding across the sky

Your soul is about to soar

Over wild mountains

Untamed seas

Through mist filled valleys

Dancing with the sun

Singing with the moon

Root down root down my love

Yours is an old soul

Dancing to the rythm of the ancients

Ancestral blood of the Earth

Root down root down my love

And let your soul dance, soar, sing

You into being


Walk with Grace

Walk this life with grace and gratitude
With fire in your soul
And flowers in your hands
Walk with sweetness
Dripping with the nectar of life
Walk fiercely, a warrioress
Walk softly, aware of your imprint
Walk with wonder, a creatrix
Walk with flow, the path of least resistance
Walk with love
Walk with peace
May you walk with grace
Through this life
In loving awareness
In oneness


Mind Body Soul Medicine

To truly craft effective mind-body-soul level healing botanical remedies you must break free from the belief that plants are inanimate objects that you’re doing something to.

It is all the opposite.

The spirits of plants call and guide you to co-create. Knowing this means making “medicine” that truly heals. Beyond the surface. To the core.