Cacao infused with homemade Borage flower essence and the blooms themselves. Heart medicine. At moments this year I’ve found myself a bit stuck or down. This is when I know it’s time to reach for my plant allies. Here’s some ways I work with them:

Borage is one of my favorite edible and medicinal flowers I grew from seed this year. Borage’s black center and purple petals points to its dance between dark and light. In a flower essence I call on it to restore confidence, move through grief and towards feeling ebullient, alive and full of courage. Light again.

Cacao, heart blood, an ancient elixir that is on the rise. As someone with an agrecological and food justice pov I often cringe at the ceremonial grade labels popping up with no real substance. Do your own research. Know if the soil was fed, the farmers well compensated, the cacao honored beyond being a healing agent for you.

With any plant medicine, your ceremony starts in the soil…the energetic exchange with Pachamama and the tenders of the Earth are infused into the essence of any plant you work with…honor their roots and traditions.

The point here ~ the power of two subtle yet expansive plants combined in a cup and infused with intention can be so powerful in shifting energies and moving through emotions so we stay lit up about life!

If you’re curious about cacao, flower essences or working with plants for everyday thriving, reach out and we can have a conversation to dig deeper or even craft you a personal journey.

The cacao I used in this particular elixir was from Ruk’ u’x’ ulew, an indigenous Mayan women-led cacao collective in Guatemala. Although I do love the heirloom Peruvian variety of Chuncho and use it exclusively when in the country. The borage flower essence and flowers were self-grown and crafted.

Shared by Kat Gordon, founder Yarrow RI

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