Why I do what I do. Deep Heart Creation

As I weave the thread of my life together, this tapestry is filled with jagged lines, rips, repairs, and stunning designs, colors of the world and of the Earth. Everything that felt so confusing at one time makes sense. Looking backwards and looking forwards. It all feels like Yes…the great weave of life. So how do all the experiences fit together? Why fermentation? Why herbalism and medicine making? Why foraging and wildcrafting? Why sacred plant medicine, Why return to nature? Why yoga, movement and meditation? Why farming? 

It all fits together in a beautiful puzzle. Everything is about transformation of ourselves, communities, and the way we engage with these. It is about tools with deep meaning to be used for thriving in the modern world. It is about ancient wisdom for modern sovereignty: with our food systems, with the way we move through the world, with traditional practices, with the way we connect with our bodies. 

It is honoring ancient practices and learning the traditions around them. It is giving people the skills to take their wellbeing into their own hands. It is about reconnecting with nature and her deep wisdom in order to connect with ourselves and each other. It is about creating and giving back, stepping out of self to realize we are all interconnected. 

It is all a metaphor for balanced living and the magic of simple alchemy (and practices) to transform our lives and our relationships. It is honoring our great mother. 

Personally, without all of this, this ancient wisdom for thriving, fermentation or herbalism, all the various skills and practices, all of it is just another trend. Knowing the deep story behind it all can help us connect. Knowing the skills and what they stand for enables us to take wellbeing into our own hands. For me it was like this. And now I want to share it with you. My dream has always been to share and teach this. which is why I started YRI to be a hub for the teaching, learnings, and gatherings around Earth Wisdom.

Wherever it takes us, I trust that the next pattern in this weaving will be exquisite. 

~ Kat, founder

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