Menstrual Cycle Thriving Workshop: Herbs, Food, & Rituals for Cyclical Living, Thursday May 13th 4pm PT / 7pm ET

We’re partnering with Loona Seeds to offer you a deep dive into self-nourishment during your menstrual cycle in an interactive online workshop.The incredible power of being a womxn comes with the exciting opportunity of learning how to understand and harness the power of your cyclical nature. 

In this workshop you will learn to tune in and understand your changing needs so that you feel informed and empowered to support yourself during each phase of your moon cycle, stepping into full body thriving!

Together we will explore the power of deepening in connection with your womb. We’ll explore each phase of the menstrual cycle, the meaning, and opportunities it offers you for thriving. For each phase you will learn self-care and self-connection tips including:

  • Deepening rituals to connect with your body and its needs
  • Herb & plant allies and best uses
  • Food allies for deep body nourishment

You will also receive a Loona Seeds Cycle Support Kit with two nutrient packed seed blends for cyclical support so that you can get started supporting your body and an in depth Moon Cycle Thriving Ebook from Yarrow Resilience Institute so that you can take your learnings deeper.

Cacao-Rose Gathering, Friday May 14th 3:30pm PT / 6:30pmET

Join for a community online circling of women to celebrate the time between the May new and full moon. Explore the heart opening power of rose and cacao together. We will share music, stories, and rituals for working with these potent heart elixirs. Before the circling you will receive an ingredients list & recipe for preparing your rose-cacao elixir. If you don’t already work with cacao, come to find out more – or – reach out for ethical, high quality sourcing suggestions for the US and Europe.

Kombucha Beyond the Basics Workshop, Sunday May 16th 10amPT/1pmET

A kombucha workshop for beginning or seasoned brewers who want to go beyond the basics so that you can brew delicious kombucha and get creative with your brew.

In this workshop we’ll cover brewing and flavoring best practices, tips and tricks so you can make delicious and consistent brews.

We’ll also dive into using your kombucha beyond drinking it so that you can get creative and know how to work creatively with your over-brewed kombucha vinegar. We’ll review making products for culinary use, home cleaning, and body care. 

Together we’ll make one creative recipe of choice for those who have kombucha brewing already. You will receive an ingredients/materials list upon registration. 

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