Reconnect to Nature to Reconnect to Self

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Flower in Relation To Self

A four part Flower & Plant Spirit Immersion, Flower in relation to self is a deep dive into softening and expanding within yourself, activating your true nature and your true essence, so that you open into a deeper and more loving relationship with yourself and ultimately move through the world with grace, ease, and grounded presence. We will drop into different facets of self-exploration guided with flowers and plants to unlock the unique messages each flower or herbal ally holds for you.

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Heart Opening Journey with Rose

A plant spirit medicine journey with Rose.

An 8 week rose dieta & rose path initiation journey designed for deep heart opening, expanding in self-love and rooting with the cycles of the divine feminine.

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1:1 Personalized Sessions with Kat

As within so without. Together we deep dive into your internal world, using ancient wisdom, nature based rituals, sound and somatic practices. This 1:1 work is a series of personalized sessions, designed to fit your unique journey. All techniques are based on my experience working with ancient wisdom holders, plant medicines, reiki, yogic philosophy, herbalism, flower remedies, and traditional elemental wisdom.

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Monthly Virtual Earth Wisdom Circle

Monthly virtual community gatherings guided by a different herbal ally acting as your and compass and rooting you as you navigate your internal landscape with loving awareness. Learn to tune into the messages of plants so that you can connect deeper with your core wisdom and your true essence.

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