Ritual Weaver is a 3 month 1:1 journey where we explore the art of ritual. We explore where you would like to bring balance in your life and design practices, rituals between the spiritual and the mundane. We dive into sacred ceremonial space and explore a roadmap for tools, practices, mindset, and adaptations that are simple, easy, and accessible for your life.

Ritual Weaver includes:

  • 9 x 90 minute calls
  • online temple housing your uniquely tailored activities & resources for exploring between our calls: rituals, guided practices, meditations, visualizations, voice recordings and more
  • text and messaging support throughout our time together

Ritual can take many forms. We create a process of building ritual into your life, based on your unique self, beliefs, interests, and ways of moving through the world. This brings more sacredness to your daily flow and supports profound shifts in the way you live your life over time.

To explore this, let’s drop in on a complimentary heart connection call where we can share about your dreams and desires and the way ritual may serve you.