A monthly virtual community gathering and workshop series about everyday themes that manifest in all of our daily lives. Each month a different herbal ally will be your guide and compass, rooting you as you navigate your internal landscape with loving awareness. You will learn to tune into the messages of plants so that you can connect deeper with your core wisdom and your true essence. Together we navigate the mystical and the practical and come out with a set of tools and rituals so that you can move through life with balance, self-love and self-compassion. Tune into the cycles of nature so that you can ground and balance your life…

Dates & Themes

July 14th – Earth Wisdom Circle 1: Exploring Resilience With Yarrow on zoom: Resilience is the capacity to harmonize with vitality in response to challenges, changes, or the surprises of life. Yarrow as an herb is a harmonizer, supporting the body in returning to balance – and- the perfect guide for this theme.

August: Exploring Self-Love with Rose

September – Exploring Courage with Borage

November – Exploring Soul Nourishment with Nettle

December – Rose-Cacao Circle

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