Hi I’m Kat,

Originally a California soul I have immersed myself in the Andean-Amazonian cosmovision, living in and traveling to Sacred Valley of Peru for the last 13 years. My work is steeped in ancient wisdom learned from indigenous and modern wisdom holders alike. Nature has been my greatest teacher and laboratory. My first herbalism learnings began as I traversed the high Andean agricultural communities, sitting with descendants of the Incas – the wise women: keepers of the hearth, tenders of the wild edible and medicinal herbs, and humble stewards of mother earth. Since then I have traveled deep into the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, high above the clouds of the Andean mountains, into the cities of Europe and along the coast of California digging my hands in the soil and opening my heart to the teachings of wisdom keepers and the land itself.

After many years traversing my inner landscape – the master plants of the Amazon being some of my greatest guides – I began to weave outwards. Today I humbly walk the path of the wise woman: communing with nature, ancient earth wisdom, and the subtler realms. My work is designed to root you into your unique wisdom, guided by nature so that you may blossom in your soul and on your path in life. All offerings are woven from my studies with master plants, Amazonian healing traditions, folk herbalism, yoga, permaculture design, plant spirit connection and sacred ritual facilitation. I would be honored to connect and guide you on a journey.

A few of my “certified” experiences include:

Permaculture Design Certificate, Occidental Arts and Ecology Center 2016

Organic Farm Management Apprenticeship, Pie Ranch, 2015

Reiki, Level 1&2 Certificate, 2021

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, Certified in the Path of Light, 2023

Astrological Herbalism, Evolutionary School of Herbalism 2023