Hi I’m Kat,

Originally a California soul I have spent over a decade traveling and learning from ancient wisdom holders in Peru and Brazil. I walk the path of the wise woman, communing with nature, ancient earth wisdom, and the subtler realms. In reality I am many things: a friend, daughter, sister, lover, student, guide, yogi/ashtangi, nature lover, plant spirit whisperer. I believe that nature guides us to drop out of our head and into our heart, inspiring us to live from the center of our unique and innate wisdom. My work is designed to root you into your unique wisdom, guided by nature so that you may blossom in your soul and on your path in life. A life long student of nature, all offerings are woven from my studies with master plants, Amazonian healing traditions, folk herbalism, yoga, permaculture design, plant spirit connection and sacred ritual facilitation. I would be honored to connect and guide you on a journey.