Hi I’m Kat, founder of Yarrow Resilience Institute

Originally a California soul I have spent over a decade traveling and learning from ancient wisdom holders in Peru and Brazil. My heart creations blossom through workshops, retreats, and transformational guidance centered on connecting people with skills for resilient and holistic living. Yarrow RI grew out of years of working with the land, food systems, herbalism, and humans in many capacities.

I believe that nature guides us to drop out of our head and into our heart, inspiring us to live from the center of our unique and innate wisdom. My inspiration comes from ancient Earth wisdom and reconnecting with nature for reconnecting with self.

I believe we all have the tools within us to blossom into the best version of ourselves. I root you into your unique wisdom, guided by the wisdom of nature. My offerings weave my experience with herbalism, holistic living, meditation, yogic philosophy, cyclical living, plant spirit connection, creative writing and rituals with plant allies.

Why Yarrow Resilience Institute?

After years of working with and exploring within sustainable agriculture, food justice, fermentation education, herbalism and nature based rituals, I realized that to show up for the well being of our communities and nature, we must first show up for ourself.

I believe nature, plant wisdom and land based practices are the key to slowing down and tuning into our innate wisdom so that we can learn to navigate our inner landscapes. With this self-awareness, we can show up grounded and compassionate in the outer world.

Our world is need of deep change and healing. It is filled with humxs with unique wisdom, skills, love and inspiration too. As an herb Yarrow is a harmonizer and I truly believe it can lead us in harmonizing our differences and healing our collective heartache. This all begins by connecting to nature, ourselves, and community.

All offerings from Yarrow RI are derived from the wisdom of nature, our greatest teacher. I honor the teachings and inspirations from all my teachers, plants, and the traditional indigenous lineages from which I continue to learn so much wisdom.

Yarrow RI is an invitation to look back and remember where we came from, learn the skills to adapt this wisdom to the present day and look forward to create a new tomorrow.

Yarrow RI builds resilience through immersive experiences, workshops, retreat offerings, 1:1 transformation journeys, partnerships with local communities and collaboration with projects that promote human connection and nature based healing.