Yarrow RI is about offering practical, tangible skills that can be incorporated into everyday life and which empower individuals to take ownership over their well-being and the way they show up in the world. We facilitate deep reflection and collaboration among participants, weaving a web of connection between humans and their environment.

Our offerings are tailored to the vision we co-create with you.

Current Offerings include:

1-1 Elemental Embodiment Journey

A 9 month journey deep into the essence of your being. We dive deep, guided by elemental rituals and nature based practices to ground and clear blockages with timeless wisdom so that you can connect with your innate wisdom, embrace self-love, and step fully into your authentic self-expression. This offering is virtual.

Rose Dieta & Rose Path Journey:

A plant spirit medicine journey with the spirit of Rose, offered virtually.

An 8 week rose dieta & rose path initiation journey of plant spirit connection designed for deep heart opening, expanding in self-love and rooting with the cycles of the divine feminine. Guided by the messages and medicine of Rose into heart opening and joy filled living.

Elemental Earth Wisdom Series:

A monthly online community circle about exploring herbal allies and nature based rituals for grounding in self-love, self-compassion, and balance. Each month we explore a different theme, guided by an everyday herbal ally. We go deep into the essence of the message nature and plants hold for you and explore how you can embed these teachings into your everyday life so that you can show up with more self-compassion, ease, and connection to your inner wisdom.

Fermentation and Living Cultures:

This can be booked as a series or we can tailor an offering for a personal or group workshop. Topics offered range from fermented food through drinks, herbs, and beyond to offer you skills for adding value, nutrition and deep flavor to food. Fermentation is a tool for optimal health and digestion and is even linked to mental health. This wellness tool is an endlessly creative way to extend the life of fresh produce, addressing home scale food waste and tapping into ancient wisdom.

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