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A four part Flower & Plant Immersion including four flower and plant ally immersions, plant spirit connection, embodiment practices, sacred rituals, and self-nourishment practices, all from the comfort of your own home.

Flowering in relationship to self is a deep dive into softening and expanding within yourself, activating your true nature and your truest essence, so that you open into a deeper and more loving relationship with yourself and ultimately move through the world with grace, ease, and grounded presence. We will drop into different facets of self-exploration guided with flowers and plants to unlock the unique messages each flower or herbal ally holds for you. This is a sacred plant immersion journey where you will learn to cultivate a reciprocal relationship with the essence, or spirit, of a flower and learn practical self-care and nourishment rituals that each flower medicine offers. You will leave with a greater connection to your true inner essence along with practical and spiritual mind-body-soul nourishment practices that activate greater harmony in your internal being and ways of being in this world. This is a beautiful journey designed to activate deep knowing of oneself manifested in practices and rituals for daily life.

This is for you if

You are interested in cultivating a deep relationship with yourself and plants

You seek greater self-love, balance, vitality, and harmony on a mind body soul level

You are interested in holistic approaches to wellness and activating your most aligned self

You are excited to enter a safe space where you can drop deep into internal exploration and connect to your true essence 

You are interested in learning how to communicate with plants and nature for vitality, energetic cleansing, and receiving potent guidance on your path

What exactly is a flower and sacred plant immersion, inspired by the traditional concept of a plant dieta?

This is a journey inspired by the ancient practice of plant dietas from the South American healing traditions. It is inspired by this deep tradition and then expanded into a more interactive, embodied, and co-creative journey that can be done from the comfort of your home, in harmony with your daily flow. A sacred plant immersion includes following ritual guidelines while ingesting a specific plant along with specific practices to cultivate an intimate relationship with the spirit of the plant and activate its subtle energetics within your body. In this journey we will activate 4 different sacred plant immersions based on various themes, along the overarching journey of flowering in relation to self.

This four part sacred, ceremonial journey is a mix of personal and communal deep diving. The at home part of this journey is designed to empower you to be an active guide into your own self-discovery and cultivate a deep relationship with plants in your unique way. Through this guided journey you will strengthen confidence in flowering in relation to yourself and plant allies. 

Plant Immersion Flow

Each immersion will be a half lunar cycle. The full ritual space is activated with an opening and closing ceremony

1. Rose: learning to love all of you

2. Cacao: awakening your creative essence

3. Yarrow: cultivating resilience & harmony for mind-body-soul alignment

4. Rosemary: visioning & focused clarity, honoring your unique way of being

Your experience includes:

Opening and closing ceremonies

Community Zoom Ceremony + Plant Spirit Activation for each new flower or herbal ally, recorded if you cannot make it live

Medicine bundle connecting you with each flower or plant ally

2 x 1:1 sessions with Kat

Dietary guidelines and suggested recipes

Holistic herbalism & plant spirit connection practices – in pdf format for download and forever access

24/7 Access to an online temple with resources

Guided visual meditations, live & recorded

Sacred Space and sacred ritual guidance

Thematic deepening practices: journal prompts, embodiment practices, ritual music

WhatsApp group communication

Option to join a sacred womb care and womb portal activation session

A safe container to go deep and a community to share this journey with

Understanding of working with plants on all levels: mental, emotional physical, spiritual

Skills to apply these practices to working with all flower and plant allies 

Mindfulness and sacred rituals for daily thriving

And so much more!

More about the power of plant spirit work, Plant immersions and Plant Allies

Plants hold both physical constituents and spiritual bodies that can act as allies for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual journey on this Earth. Each plant holds a specific set of messages that can be revealed when one intentionally cultivates a respectful relationship with the spirit or essence of the plant. These plant spirits hold ancient wisdom connected to the greater universal truths and ultimate life force. The plants can be potent mirrors, mapping the external landscape of nature within your internal landscape, ultimately supporting you to remember your true essence and, often activating parts of yourself you have forgotten, disconnected from, or never knew you possessed such as deep creativity, self-love, and your greater purpose in life. A plant spirit immersion is a transformational experience where you can journey deep into yourself and come out feeling renewed and connected to the world around you.

What you can expect

Safe ceremonial spaces for self-activation and deep dive into self

Learning to prepare sacred space, work with sacred rituals and self-nourishment practices

Four Sacred Plant Immersions – 3 flower journeys  and one ceremonial cacao journey

Working with handcrafted botanical and spiritual essence of flowers on mind body spirit level for deep self-care & soul nourishment 


If this calls your soul or you’re just curious if it is a good fit, schedule a call below to explore how to work with this offering in highest alignment and resonance for your unique path.

Preparation info and medicine bundles will be sent upon registration. This work is meant for all. If a one time, in-full investment or the total investment prohibits you from joining, please contact me. I offer sliding scale and exchanges on an as needed basis.

If your soul is ready and you want to join, let’s talk and dive into your intentions. Together we will explore how this experience may support your unique path.

Stop learning, Start knowing. The Rose opens and opens, and when it falls, falls outward” – Rumi

What Past Plant Immersion Journeyers are Saying

“Forever grateful for your divine guidance into a deeper connection with this powerful spirit” ~ Ariana

I have never had this level of an open heart in something that is a grieving process…even though I don’t know what is going to happen, it feels so ok. Working with the rose helped me understand this path of deeper level trust and surrender and coming into myself in such a beautiful way. I was already pretty good with self-love and self-compassion but this took it to a whole new depth of being. This is such important and needed workThis is the real deal. Kat is carrying some really powerful medicine. ” ~ Beth

I am discovering a lot about myself while beginning this journey really tuning into my body and my cycle. It is so powerful to connect to myself with such love and witness other women doing the same.” ~ Quilley

I am finished (meditating) and still a bit blown away by her messages and feelings in my body... I set out on this journey with such naivety and emerge in tears of the boundless forces we can access.” ~ Anonymous, shared after a medicine making & meditation ritual with Rose

We all get stuck sometimes. Either professionally, personally or just in general, with no particular reason. Things seem to go in a slow motion and we have a feeling that we are missing out on things. If you are experiencing a similar feeling, and would like to speed up, set up boundaries or simply learn how to trust your own path, I would recommend to start a Rose Dieta with Kat. After just few sessions and follow-up meditations, decisions will become easy and the right choices… just so obvious! Trust the Rose” ~ Margo

I can look more into myself, and follow my inner voice! I’m not to shy to ask Rose for support.” ~ Danielle