Fermented drinks are delicious, fizzy and healthy ways to get probiotics for gut health and mental well-being while enjoying a healthy alternative to soda. Kombucha is a fermented tea drink that can be flavored with almost anything. Wild Soda is a fermented drink made by working with wild yeasts on local, seasonal fruits and herbs.

These drinks, based in ancient wisdom, have grown in popularity globally for modern thriving. In this hands-on workshop, you will learn about the benefits of Kombucha and Wild Soda while making your own of each one with step by step instructions.

We will cover:

  • The brewing and flavoring essentials for your Kombucha and Wild Soda
  • Beset practices for optimal carbonation, flavor combinations, and flavoring with herbs or seasonal ingredients.
  • The uses of Kombucha and Wild Soda as health elixirs, for culinary and wellness support, and even beauty products.
  • We’ll roll up our sleeves and make a Kombucha primary ferment and a simple Wild Soda with your own local herbs/fruits together to inspire your fermented drinks exploration.
  • Following the workshop you will get a Kombucha Ebook and a Wild Soda Ebook as well as recipes for culinary uses of Kombucha so you can continue to successfully brew and experiment on your own.

This workshop is on Zoom. You will receive the details to join after registration along with an ingredients list. 

Price: S/100 per person

This workshop is offered by Kat Gordon of Yarrow Resilience and Sunrise Shake