Sacred Rituals for Everyday Thriving

Creating tiny sacred moments in your everyday life is a beautiful invitation for remaining grounded and continuing to cultivate the sacred frequency of the medicine path within and around you.  As you continue to integrate into your daily flow , it is so important to find moments of sacred pause and spaciousness to remember why you are here and what you are creating on this precious Earth. These tiny sacred moments are what ground you and keep you connected and creating from the heart space. Moving with intention and integrity is rooted in cultivating these small yet powerful moments. This way, when the chaos or calm surrounds you, you can remember where you came from, the teachings of the plants, what you are here to do, and most importantly, that you are always supported. Create space to hear your heart and the whispers of your intuition. 

Sacred Pause Ceremony

This is an invitation to take a sacred pause during your day and can be anything from five minutes to an hour, depending on how much time and space you have. The sacred pause creates time to settle, calm the nervous system, and anchor into the heart space so that you return to the flow of your day with greater perspective and grounded ease. What you choose to do in your sacred pause is informed by how your body is feeling, your physical space, resources and needs at that particular moment in time. Some suggestions include: 

Setting an Intention for your Day: 

  • Begin each morning, could be while still in bed or while at your altar, by setting an intention on what you desire to cultivate or embody that day
  • One powerful prompt to set this intention with is by asking yourself “What would I like for Source to experience through me today?” or “How do I want others to feel when we interact today?”

Activating your Senses: 

  • Prepare a coffee tea with whole herbs or a cacao with intention. Be fully present with the process of making your brew of coffee, tea, or cacao, and your intention for making this brew. Focus on at least 1 minute of setting aside your phone or conversation or work.
  • While you sip your brew, perhaps even meditate and tune into your surroundings for 5-15 minutes. Maybe even step outdoors. Consider offering a small amount of the drink to the Earth or a house plant,, giving thanks, before sipping yourself. 
  • Pause and connect with all of your senses, taking in the smell, taste, texture, and sound of your brew. Savor the flavor, aroma and feel of your drink.

Sacred Pause Grounding Exercise:

  • Walking outside, grounding yourself (ideally with bare feet), take 7 deep breaths in and out with your eyes closed. Next, open your eyes and describe what you are experiencing with your senses: 
    • Sound: what sounds do you hear?
    • Sight: what sights, colors, wildlife, nature, etc do you observe around you?
    • Touch: what sensations do you feel (i.e. light wind, warm sunlight, crunchy leaves under your feet)?
    • Smell: what scents are in the air? This could even extend into taking some moments to visit nearby flowers or trees and taking in their delicious scent
    • Taste: what does the air taste like to you today? What is its texture…etc. Or if you have food or a drink with you enjoying it slowly tasting all its flavors and colors 

Sacred Self-love

Speak to yourself with loving awareness! This is a practice that you can use throughout your entire day. As you move through the day be mindful of how you speak to yourself and do so in the way in which you would speak to a loved one, a child, or any other being: With gentleness, kindness, sweetness and respect. Give gratitude to the sacred temple (body) that carries you throughout all of your days and allows you to enjoy so much beauty, play, adventure, etc. 

Whenever you may feel uncentered or disconnected, you can take a few moments to slow down, connect to your breath and repeat the mantra: “I am loving awareness”

Writing as Ritual

Make a small ritual out of your daily journal time. Create a quiet and sacred space and engage your senses by lighting a candle or incense and turning on some soothing music. You can also  make a cup of tea or heart opening cacao. Enter the space with some intentional deep breaths to support you in dropping from your mind into your heart, and then open your journal and allow the words to flow. Write as if no one will read this and without judgment or self-censoring. 

As you write, often your subconscious thoughts will come through and you may be able to crystalize or process things in a beautiful and calm way with a different perspective. If nothing else, creating a ritual space to write is a profound  sacred practice for your mind, body and soul to come into alignment. It also serves as a beautiful tool to reflect on how far you have come on your unique journey day by day.

Most of all, Enjoy and Celebrate the Gift that is this Life in each moment!